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How often can I have supervision?

You and I will discuss your supervision requirements which will depend on the level of your experience. It can monthly or more or less frequently and is subject to change.

What payment methods do you accept?

We will discuss payment but my usual rates are £50.00 per hour. You will receive an invoice with bank details for payment

What is your work experience?

I have extensive experience of all settings with adults with acquired and progressive neurological conditions including stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, brain tumours, MS, MND, FND and many more. I have worked with those with disorders of consciousness in acute and rehab settings and those with severe and mild cognitive impairment. I have completed training in splinting and UL rehab, SMART training (not accredited) and PRPP.

I have held clinical and operational leadership positions in all settings including to Band 8a level.

What are your waiting times like?

I am available for a free 20 minute conversation about your supervision needs. I can be flexible around my availability with advanced planning of my schedule.

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